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Love our babies, our toddlers and our planet too

Brands and What it's all about at Natural for Baby in Balham


Ethically made

The brands chosen to be available here at Natural for Baby in Balham, for you are ethically made or handmade. Some of the newest organic cotton baby and toddler clothes are from the brand Piccalilly. The cotton farmers own 10% of the factory where the lovely soft organic cotton items are made. All organic cotton items in the shop carry the oeko-tex certification, this ensures that not only are you buying something that is made organically, but that the items have been made in a great environment and not in any sweatshop conditions.


Organic and Natural

The Mia and Dom Organic Botanicals, The Little Green Sheep, Piccalilly, Wooly Organics, Little Green Radicals and Muslinz brands are made with 100% organic cotton or herbs or bamboo. The Wooly Organic soft toys are even filled with a natural corn fibre to ensure that the toys have no nasty chemicals.

Other brands here are natural. Using natural and organic products is great for our environment, great for the people who make the items and ensure nothing nasty is being used on or with a baby or toddler (or Mum-to-be too when looking at toiletries).


Great Quality and Style

The Nursery Furniture sold here has a 5 year guarantee with the company who makes it. The Little bird Told Me Toys are great quality toys to last for years to come. These are classic items that will not go out of fashion.

When a new brand is introduced to the shop, a few bits are bought in, when they are proven to be really popular, you will see more and more of that particular brand to ensure that the styles will be loved for both customers buying for themselves and for the gift buyer.

I listen to feedback and try to get in the most popular requested items in here for you.