Ethical baby brands

Here at Natural for Baby, we stock ethical baby brands. Our environment, babies, toddlers and the workers who make the items are all taken into consideration. Items stocked are made by small or medium (mostly family established) businesses. There are some other brands sold in the shop, but these are the main ones, so here is some information about them.

 Le Toy Van Ethical baby brands

These lovely toys are great quality timeless toys. This brand has a vast choice of toys for toddlers. As requests come in for toys for slightly older children, Natural for Baby now stocks toys from this brand in 0m+, 1-2+ years, 18+ months, 2+ years and 3+ years.

The toys are Ethically made in Indonesia with sustainable wood. Each toy comes in a box, most of the boxes have no plastic.  The ones that do hopefully won’t for long as this brand is going their best to illuminate plastic from their production.

obaby nursery furniture brand

Obaby are a family run company that makes great quality Nursery Furniture.  All the furniture is sent directly to you via courier. When you receive it, please register the furniture as you get a 2-year warrantee for your peace of mind.

Furniture may be delivered the following day or could be a few weeks, if you want to make sure your furniture is delivered in time for a new arrival or house move etc, please contact us  We get a weekly spreadsheet with ETA of any furniture that is out of stock and a note of what is in stock too.

wooly organic  Ethical baby brands

Wooly Organic make soft toys, towels, clothes and even face masks! The toys, towels and clothes all come in a little box. The facemasks are made with left over organic cotton from the baby items and have been available since 2020. All of the items carry the oeko-tex certification so you know they’ve been made to great environmental and ethical standards.

The clothes and towels are made with organic cotton. The toys are made with organic cotton and then filled with corn fibre. The teething ring parts of some of the toys are made with maple wood and are treated with organic beeswax.

Some of the items made by Wooly organic are dyed, many items have no dyes at all. With the items that are dyed, they use the safest dyes possible and the dyes have the oeko-tex certification as well.

 Ethical baby brands Piccalilly

The Piccalilly brand is designed in Yorkshire, the gorgeous clothes are made with Chetna organic cotton. It’s not only organic cotton, but the cotton farmers own 10% of the factory that produces all the baby and toddler clothes.

These products carry the oeko-tex certification so you know that as well as the workers being treated well as they make the items, that the environment has been looked after too. Many of the prints are great for any baby or toddler to wear regardless of their gender and the organic cotton will be great for their delicate skin too.

Little bird told me  Ethical baby brands

The Little Bird Told Me toys are great quality. They’re made with the environment considered and use the least amount of plastic as possible. A perfect brand when looking for toys for little ones who are learning to crawl, walk and balance.

The Rockers and Ride on Walker toys are sold in a box, please follow the assembly instructions and find the health and safety guidance inside the box too. The smaller pull along toys are not boxed.

 Ethical baby brands Muslinz
The Muslinz brand of muslins and other essentials are made ethically in Pakistan, and carry the oeko-tex certification to guarantee that the environment has been looked after and the product is a great quality item for you too.

At Natural for Baby, the Muslinz items stocked are made with organic cotton or organic cotton and bamboo. You can also buy reusable nappies and the accessories needed to go with those too.

Green Sheep brand

The Little Green Sheep items are made with oeko-tex certification, this means that the organic cotton, linen and organic wool (for toddler bedding) are not only great for the environment and for a baby or toddler’s skin, but the items have been made to great ethical standards in their production.

Many items in this brand are sold in a box or are wrapped up in a nice way to be presented as a gift.

If there is something you would like from this brand that isn’t held in the shop, just let Elizabeth know as items can be ordered in easily such as a new mattress for a Co-Sleeper, Cot or Cot Bed that you already have, just make sure you know what the measurements are.

Rapife brand Ethical baby brands

Rapife is a brand of organic cotton or bamboo baby clothes. The clothes are all sold in a little box and are made ethically. These clothes are made in Spain and have a variety of small sizes, just see the size guide in the descriptions.

The organic cotton and bamboo clothes carry the oeko-tex certification and use no dyes, so they’re naturally coloured except for the little details.